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Chris is a Nikon Professional Photographer.

Chris has documented hundreds of weddings around the world and am now available to photograph weddings all over Gauteug and Mpumalanga. Chris will also be based back in England between the months of June and August, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Chris spends his time shooting daily and editing nightly; shooting predominantly a select number of Weddings during the African Summer and the English Summer (if you can call it that!). He splits his time between South Africa and England, enabling him to shoot year round. He is based in Doornpoort, Pretoria in South Africa and the South Coast of England, West Sussex/ Hampshire area.

He also shoots for Armitage Photography for a large range of clients. He also is available for a select number of mini sessions for families who just want to have some amazing photos together.

Chris also values the importance of spending quality time with his family and friends (and dogs!)

Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings and more importantly viewing my work. If you would like any more information please pop over to the “contact” page. I love to talk to people about photography, life, guitars, anything interesting (especially over a coffee!)


I am so proud to be a Nikon Professional Photographer (after a brief personal stint with Canon) my entire Professional Photography career I have been so lucky to use the amazing Nikon Camera system.

2015 Eqiupment Christopher Parry Photography My Equipment

My Professional Nikon Photography Equipment

So what’s in my Camera Bag?

Nikon D750 (main body)

Nikon D800 (backup)

Nikon D3 (personal #1)

Nikon D7000 (personal #2) – not in the shot as been using to take the photo above!

Nikon 14 – 24 f2.8

Nikon 24 – 70 f2.8

Nikon 70 – 200 f2.8 – my personal favorite!

Nikon 50mm f1.4

Nikon 60mm f3.5 Macro

Nikon 24 – 300 f4 -5.6

Nikon SB800 x6 speedlites

Hassleblad 501 & 50mm f2.8

All of this is transported in the great Thinktank Airport International V2.0

Also check out Kelly Moore Camera bags here

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a selection of FAQ’s. If you can think of a question was is not covered here on this page, please feel free to drop me a email on chris@christopherparry.com.

What is the most important thing to you in regards to your business? 2016-11-14T11:51:12+00:00

Exceeding the customers expectation is key to me. Unlike most wedding professionals that you’ll deal with, our relationship will continue well after you’ve returned from your honeymoon. You may never speak with your florist, dressmaker, caterer or band after your wedding day, but your work with your photographer has only just begun. Our goal is to be your photographer for life.

What is your photographic style? 2016-11-14T11:50:37+00:00

Terms of photographic style are so misused nowadays. For me the term “Digital Photography” is redundant, it is simply ‘Photography’. I see myself as a Commercial Wedding Photographer. I use every different style of photography to capture your special day: documentary, photo-journalistic, products, portraiture, fashion, reportage, candid, the list is endless.

Do you do traditional wedding photographs, too? 2016-11-14T11:50:02+00:00

Traditionally, wedding photography has been pretty cheesy, posed looking and/or boring. So we’d have to say, “no.” But if you mean do we take traditional family pictures in addition to our more lifestyle and photojournalistic work then the answer is absolutely yes. We appreciate the value of and the history behind the traditional family portrait, and while they may not be as exciting as some of our more informal portraiture, they serve an important function.

Do you shoot digital? 2016-11-14T11:48:18+00:00

100%, I am a Nikon Professional Photographer

How do you deal with changes in the weather? 2016-11-14T11:47:26+00:00

Keep shooting!

Do you travel? 2016-11-14T11:46:26+00:00

Absolutely! We love to travel and will travel for weddings anywhere. Please ask for our availability and our International Destination Wedding Services.

What do I need to do to hire you? 2016-11-14T11:44:08+00:00

A signed agreement and a booking fee of 25-50% are required to reserve the date for you. Dates are filled on a first come-first served basis and once booked, they’re booked. We do not offer tentative bookings, payment is confirmation of booking so don’t wait. Some prime dates are gone 2 years in advance.

How did you become so Awesome? 2016-11-14T11:43:05+00:00

Heehee, sorry couldn’t resist it!

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