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Nowadays you shop online, you make friends online and some of us even find love online! According to research on average we spend 1 of every 12 waking minutes or 43 hours a month online. So if most people you know have an email account and are checking their computers, smartphones or tablets as often as it seems, it kind of makes sense to create your own wedding website.

The primary purpose of the wedding website is to give guests a central hub where they may find information about your big day. Queries about the location, dress code, registry, travel plans, even your social media hashtag can all be found on the average wedding website, and some also allow guests to share their well-wishes for the happy couple. The wedding website can also serve as a wonderful networking tool for guests, and allow for the couple to post important notifications regarding the event. However, there is no need to create a wedding website if you feel strongly opposed to the idea. If properly composed, your save-the-date card and wedding invitation should provide guests with the essential information they need for your wedding. If any unexpected amendments to the initial plan must be announced, or the bride and groom feel the need to brief their guests on pertinent information without the aid of a wedding website, a concise group email is equally effective.

We work with you to design a beautiful Wedding Website. One you can showcase all the details about your upcoming special day. Here you can get your guests to RSVP directly to your email, tell the details of the stunning Venue you have booked as well as the finer details of the day.

Most importantly, this is where you can inform your guests of the prospective timeline of the day.

Our Designer will create a stunning Wedding Website for you, with all and any images you wish to show your guests, your story of how you met, how he or she proposed plus lots more. We create it on a domain for you, one you can continue to use long after your Wedding.

On average, providing all content (text and images) are sent to us in a timely fashion, we can have your Wedding Website “live within a week.

After your Wedding, we can highlight your Wedding Photographs here as well. (Obvisously we’d love for you to hire us as your Wedding Photographers too!)

For more information about our Wedding Photography Collections, please visit the following page:


Make your Special Day live on; Online for everyone!


Why get a Wedding Website?

  • Save on printing costs. If you’re having invites printed, you know how quickly the price will rise by just adding another piece of paper to the mix. By directing everyone to your site in any engagement party, shower, or wedding correspondence, you’ll save time, money, and effort on printing costs.

  • Easy registry access. You’re probably already refreshing your gift registry to see which items have been purchased; why not give guests easy online access, too? In most cases, you can link directly to your registry info, which makes it easy for guests.

Your fridge can only hold so many magnets. If your friends are anything like mine, you already have a fridge full of Save-the-Date magnets from friends and family. The side of my refrigerator is busier than the wedding announcement section of my local newspaper. Skip the magnets, save some cash, and put together a website.

Change of plans? No problem. Last minute location change? In-case-of-rain info? Hotel updates? While major changes to the big event can make for one hectic bride, making the change on your site takes five minutes of your time. Plus, you can add updates as the date gets closer instead of feeling the pressure to nail everything down before your Save-the-Date notices are sent.

It’s easy to stay in contact with your guests. Many wedding site templates offer guest book and RSVP sections. Ask guests to sign the book or enter their email addresses to be notified of site updates or changes. Then happily send one email instead of making 150 calls.

It’s eco-friendly. No matter how you use it, your site will probably save you cash on paper and stamps, not to mention the trees you’ve saved by using less paper and carbon emissions you’ve spared by not loading the mailman down with a whole lot of envelopes. Whether you prefer to go completely paperless and use your site for everything or just plan to ask for eRSVPs for a portion of your wedding-related festivities, every little bit helps.

What do you get?

A wedding website is probably the best platform for bringing your guests together in one virtual place. Set it up and then post as much information as you want. It’ll make planning your event much easier, especially if you can set up alerts to notify people of any changes or news on the site.


A domain name tailored to you and your partner. Anything you wish (as long as it is not taken already!)




The cost of the domain per year is R100


A fully functional, Mobile-Friendly, Responsive website, tailored to you and your partner, with the latest CMS (WordPress)


Full access to your own website once the original design has been completed. To complete your own updates as you so wish. Or you can get us to do them for you for a minimal fee.


This is a big one. Usually hosting can cost up to R250 per month. Here at Christopher Parry Photography, we work with Armitage Photography and Website Design to provide you with Free Hosting and Email Address creation.

What does it cost?

Customised Wedding Website with RSVP direct to your email address of choice



A domain name tailored to you and your partner. Anything you wish (as long as it is not taken already!)

The cost of the domain per year is R100

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